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Sapporo Snow Festival

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2016 43rd International Snow Sculpture Contest at the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival.

Australian Snow Sculpture Team
Snow Sculpture Design

Our Snow Sculpture design incorporates an Australian native animal and the human consequences from the environment we have created. Linking the concept with a well know Japanese pop culture character to complement the idea.


We have a 3m high x 3m wide and 3m deep block of compressed snow to work with, carving out our design will be a challenge in below -5 to -20 winter conditions for the 43rd International Snow Sculpture Contest at the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival

Title: Frogozilla 
 Australia is the home to many deadly creatures. Luckily the rare endangered Australian “Green and Golden Bell Frog” is not one of them. Humans have overtaken nature, clearing habitats, developing highways and cities; this sculpture is representing Frog’s Revenge! Fortunately they only grow to 9cm and will not eat you.

The "Green and Golden Bell Frog" Litoria aurea

Australian Snow Sculpture Team

2016 members profiles
Mr. Scott Sheehan Art Director
Mr. Randall Sinnamon Artist/Teacher
Mr. Scott Bowman Construction building

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